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We are happy to discuss how you can support Rails Girls Berlin.

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Why do we need financial support?

We believe in sharing for the sake of doing good. Therefore, our workshops are and will always be free to attend.

In order to add a social note to the event we need money for

  • Drinks & food
  • Info-Books, buttons and posters
  • Rails Girls Berlin T-Shirts

How much money do we need?

We don’t need big sums. 100 € per workshop already helps us a lot.

You can either sponsor a single workshop, or become a main sponsor with increased exposure. We are happy to talk about your own ideas of how you can get involved. Just write to [email protected]!

Why should you get involved?

  • Help closing the gender gap in IT
  • Enable women to participate in tech not just as a consumer, but also as a creator and maker
  • Get access to a highly skilled, motivated work force

What else is in it for you?

  • Display of your logo on the event page
  • Mention of your company on our Social Media channels
  • Optional blog post (on an interesting topic)
  • 5-minute lightning-talk about an interesting topic
  • Possibility to distribute flyers, stickers and other swag


Current Sponsors

Become a Coach

Join our 100 part-time coaches and help women to make their first steps in coding.

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Why should you get involved?

  • Help closing the gender gap in IT and increase the number of women colleagues
  • Enable women to participate in tech not just as a consumer, but also as a creator and maker
  • Foster and broaden your knowledge by teaching what you know.
  • Strengthen your teaching skills.
  • Get that overwhelming feeling of seeing other people grow.

Contact us at [email protected]!


  • What is my task as a coach?
    Your task is to guide the participants through the Rails Girls tutorial. You may first find it quite easy, but be prepared for a lot of questions not only regarding Ruby but frameworks and HTML.
  • How can I prepare myself for my first workshop?
    Please go through the Rails Girls tutorial and also check Coaching Tips by Ruby Monstas for some tips on coaching in general.
  • Do I have to coach every time?
    No! If you can to help out just once, that’s totally cool. Of course, we are happy if you stay with us and maybe even start your own project group.
  • Do I get paid or can you pay my expenses?
    No, this is a community project and nobody is getting paid. If you are coming from another city, we might be able to find a couch to crash on though.

What our coaches say

Tom Stuart

/ @mortice

“I love to coach, and one Rails Girls workshop per month isn’t enough! Seeing people’s enthusiasm and hearing their questions about programming when approaching it for the first time reminds me why it’s fun and gives me interesting things to think about in my day-to-day work.”

Sven Fuchs

/ @svenfuchs

“I want to do my share to improve our world. The world would be a better place when more women would realize that programming is easy, fun and, again, can help make the world a better place. When our students rocked away at coaching at a Rails Girls beginners workshop that just made me really, really proud.”

Support Rails Girls Berlin

If you like what we’re doing, you can now support us with a donation. Since our events are free to attend, we need support from sponsors to provide food, drinks, snacks and to celebrate our learning success with an after-party.

You can now become a sponsor as well and help women getting excited about programming.

Thank you for supporting Rails Girls Berlin!

PS: If you don’t trust this form, visit our project page at betterplace.